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This is designed, created, outlined, believed in and lived out by highly qualified teachers who are able to take complex content and simplify for anybody looking to change their lives.

  • To apply and get approved for the credit card(s) of your choice.
  • Being able to pay off all credit cards in full using several different payment strategies.
  • Leveraging credit to make big purchases (Cars, Home, Repairs, ect.).
  • Repair your extremely damaged credit.
  • Build your business and/or personal credit
  • Obtain and maintain a high credit/Fico score
  • Finding, using, and maintaining 0% APR
  • Utilizing transfer balances to pay off credit balances.
  • Building your family’s (Husband, Wife, Children, Mother, Father, ect..) credit responsibly.
  • Using credit card benefits like going on vacations, earning money, and purchasing your favorite products utilizing credit card points.