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Our original standards-based content courses were developed and created by the founders of AVK Wealth. Our standards-based content will cover a variety of subjects on wealth, money, and finance. In each of our courses you will find written, video, visual content, quizzes, flip-cards, games, review material, and so much more. Our content can be accessed on any device on any platform.


Our Membership program will be made up of daily, weekly, and monthly videos based on wealth, money, and finance. You will also have access to specific content created for our courses, podcasts, and any live streaming events.


In our store you will be able to purchase exclusive and limited-edition digital products created by the creators of AVK Wealth. These digital products will support you and your family with your financial journey. As a bonus, if you sign-up for one of our courses or membership programs, you will have access to a one-time only limited-edition digital product free with purchase.