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About Us

AVK Wealth is an education company that creates opportunities for families to build their educational foundation in all matter’s financial education. Our success is due to the ongoing and continuous relationship that we build every day with our extended AVK families.

It started off with two educators who wanted to start their own education company. Through many conversations and discussions with those closest to us, we realized that there was a missed opportunity in the community to help families in need with financial education. Knowing that education is the most powerful tool in the world, we knew our skill sets could help uplift families and help them create their desired lifestyle around money and finance. AVK Wealth was born!

Who We Are

We’re highly qualified and certified educators that enjoy helping our families enjoy a better quality of life through education. We have established a collaborative and supportive education system where we care about others and strive each day to push the limits of academic excellence. We’re all grounded in a love of education and being of service to families that may not have had the opportunity to build on their financial education background. You would be hard-pressed to find a team anywhere that can help you solve your education needs like we can.