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Vanessa Kontaxis

Vanessa Kontaxis


Vanessa Kontaxis is the CFO and Co-Founder at AVK Wealth. Vanessa has been in education from an early age. Vanessa in her extensive career has had many achievements and accolades such as a Bachelors of Education from Florida Atlantic University and a Masters in Education Leadership from The University of Central Florida. Also being named two-time Teacher of the Year. She has always had a curiosity and wonder about how people learn best. She has an amazing skill set to look at how curriculum is created, disseminated, taught, progress monitored, and evaluated. Ultimately looking what resources are being given to students, how the standards are being taught, and asking did the students show mastery of the standards? Vanessa embodies all the amazing qualities you want in an educator and CFO. All this pales in comparison to her caring heart. Most people look at data and numbers to see learning, with Vanessa you can see that with her compassion for her students. Vanessa is the first person to sit by your side and offer support along your journey. Always letting you know that you are not alone in your journey and that she has been in your shoes before. When Vanessa is not running the company, she is a wife and mom to her daughter. In her spare time, she enjoys going out to different restaurants and trying new foods. Vanessa is always on the look out for new experiences and adventures to be a part of.