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As a kid, I always wanted to become a teacher. I thought I could make a difference in the world, by getting up in front of students and doing what my mother did every day. Which was change the way students looked at foreign languages (My mother taught Spanish and French). It was the most memorizing thing I had ever seen. Flashing forward 20 years later. I had followed in my mother’s footsteps and met my all my goals of obtaining a masters degree and getting my dream job as a teacher. I was making the money that a teacher made with multiple degrees as a certified teacher. Once that had sunk in, a cruel reality of what I had just achieved also sunk in. All the money I was making was leaving my bank account just as fast as it was coming in. I owed more on my student loans then I originally owed when I graduated college due to reoccurring daily interest. That I was paying more money in food, rent, gas, and other life expenses due to inflation. What little money I had left over, I was savings for the vacation I desperately needed during my summer vacation to recover from teaching. I was a full-blown successful adult by all metrics, yet with little to no money in my bank account to show for my success. I was taking out very little to put into a 401K for retirement. I had thoughts about wanting to get married to a person I was seeing but with what money? Save money for a ring or an emergency? Save money for wedding or take a vacation and postpone wedding plans. Have kids? More expenses? I can barely take care of myself. All this education provided me with a great job that couldn’t live off. Something had to change.

My story is a common one that many Americans find themselves in today. I’m sure in your story, you can find some commonalities to mine like most Americans. The one thing that all our stories have in common is the lack of financial education that was provided to us when it comes to the issue of money. The root cause of the problem being the lack of education provided in our academic institutions. Leaving the heavy burden on parents to educate their children on money.

Enter AVK Wealth. Here, we will teach you about money, finance and how the financial system really works. We will look at various financial concepts and tools in depth and how you can use those to you and your family’s benefit. We will look at the idea of growing money through various avenues. We will be giving you the knowledge that you should have had from the beginning. By taking our courses and signing up for our membership program you can change your stars and have the lifestyle that you deserve.